• Merlin Selvan
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A lovely “Indian Blackbird (Turdus simillimus)” waiting patiently for his mate.

This is a super love story I witnessed couple of years back. During the month of December, 2017, I visited Sims Park for the first time. I heard about the spot where people used to see flycatchers and I found my way to the spot after circling the park once. I saw this amazing Indian Blackbird with earthworms on his mouth and just sitting without eating it. I observed him for sometime and I tried photographing him from various angles. He was very patient and he didn’t bother about my presence. Then I moved on to the flycatchers spot. After spending 3 to 4 hours on that place, I decided to visit this Blackbird spot again and then start towards my home. When I came again, I saw him on the same place, sitting like before, without moving an inch, also the earthworms were still in his mouth. I didn’t get his intentions at first, but after sometime I saw a female Blackbird landed near to him. Then this guy went forward few steps and dropped all the earthworms to the ground. Then in a few minutes, the female came and ate all the earthworms and she flew away. I was super overwhelmed by seeing this, a bird waiting for hours for his mate, that too with food for her. I just had this thought on my mind, that there are lot of things to be observed and learnt from mother nature!. 😊
Canon EOS 7D
Canon 300mm f4L

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