• Merlin Selvan
  • Category Arachnids, Insects, Wild Tamil Nadu

I never get bored of these amazing “Ant-mimicking Jumping Spiders (Myrmarachne). They are absolutely fantastic to watch. Fortunately there are plenty of these guys around my home. Also recently I bought @radiantdiffuser v2.0 flash diffuser from @girishgowda.c brother. I wanted to test it and this individual showed up as model that day. This diffuser is very much rewarding for the price I paid. This is the cheapest diffuser which gives wonderful diffusion of light, I seriously recommend it. Swipe to see wider frame. 😊
Exif :
This is a focus stack of 8 images
Canon EOS 7D
Canon 100mm Macro
Raynox dcr 250
Godox tt685
Radiant Diffuser (@radiantdiffuser)

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