Marching for the food :)

  • Rakhav Krishna
  • Category Birds

I was observing this Purple Heron. It was morning and this heron seemed content. Suddenly he saw something and then he just didn’t stop. He kept marching ahead! I realized a bit later that he was headed straight for his target. He surely grabbed it too. The view was fairly obstructed by the time he got his fish so couldn’t capture his adventure. The Purple Heron is a very elongated, narrow-bodied heron, with long thin head and bill long neck. The crown is black with two black lanceolate plumes up to 15 cm long. The sides of the head and neck are distinctively chestnut to orange buff to red buff. A black stripe runs across the ear to the black plumes. The long bill tapers is yellow with a horn brown top and tip. The irises are yellow. The lores are yellow green or dull green. The head and neck together are snaky. The chin and foreneck are white. Throat striping is elongated black and white spotting. A distinctive black streak runs from the eye down the side of the neck. It is a dark grey medium heron, with orange chestnut head and neck, and chestnut breast. It is distinguished from the Grey Heron by being slimmer, smaller, darker, and in flight further distinguished by its dark wings, feet extended, kinked drooping neck, and light wing beats, the body appearing to lift on each down stroke. This is a reed swamp heron. It prefers dense, emergent, freshwater, flooded reed or sedge beds.

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