• Merlin Selvan
  • Category Arachnids, Insects, Wild Tamil Nadu

Another beautiful species of Jumping Spider that I love to see and I get very excited whenever I come across one. Its the male of “Thyene imperialis” & its again from the outskirts of Pollachi, Tamilnadu., sighted and photographed during the month of July, 2019. This beautiful one was resting on a leaf and I was about to leave the place and saw him. It always used to be like this, that when I get ready to leave the spot, I always sight some interesting Spiders/Insects. Its just became a thing in past couple of years and it happens regularly too. Glad I am able to spot and identify such beautiful ones from our area. 😊
Canon EOS 7D
Canon 100mm Macro
Diffused flash fired.

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