• Merlin Selvan
  • Category Insects, Wild Tamil Nadu

***Cuteness Alert***

A beautiful and tiny “Boxer Mantis”, I found on the outskirts of Pollachi, a year back. It was soo camouflaged that I didn’t notice this guy sitting right in front of me, for about 10 minutes of searching the same spot. Actually I was searching for a Jumping Spider that just disappeared on the same spot. After loosing the Spider, my eyes got stuck with this unusual shape. Then I came to my senses and luckily this guy didn’t drop down when I approached him. When disturbed they usually just drop down to the ground or the thickets of the bush and escape. But this guy didn’t do that, I took the same leaf he was sitting and fired a few shots and left him on the same spot. Lost a Jumper & gained Mantis! 😅
Pollachi, Tamilnadu, India.
September 2019.
Focus stack of 2 images.
Canon EOS 7D
Canon 100mm Macro
Godox tt685 flash
DIY diffuser

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