• Merlin Selvan
  • Category Mammals, Wild Tamil Nadu

Cute & Curious “Indian Grey Mongoose (Herpestes edwardsii)” popping into my frame. 😊
It was October, 2016 and I was sitting on the ground, just on the entrance of my home, waiting for the Wagtails to show up. I was waiting for quite sometime, the sun was getting above my head and heating up the scene. Suddenly I saw some movement inside the bushes in front of me. I thought it was one of the chicken that used to roam outside. I didn’t expect this guy. When he came out of bushes, I got excited and got ready with my camera. But he didn’t even looked at me, he just kept coming straight to me. At some point, at about 5 or 6 feet distance from me, he sensed me and gave this look. And without any fear, he just turned the other way and left the place. Quite a sight it was. 😊
Canon EOS 7D
Canon 300mm f4L

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