• Merlin Selvan
  • Category Birds, Wild Tamil Nadu

Back to my old friend here. This “Spotted Owlet (Athene brama)” used to roost in an abandoned well, which was close by to my residence in Theni outskirts. I used to check out him twice or thrice a week. He was soo amazing and as days passed watching him, I started to predict where he will sit before he starts of flying. My prediction became true and I had positioned myself well closer to the spot, as I was having only 300mm f4L lens with me. Even a very subtle sound that comes from the above, he will get alert and comes to this spot for checking. I had to learn new stealth techniques and without any sound I used to reach to the spot and wait. He will come up there onto the branch and he will checkout me for few seconds and fly off to the nearby tree. Memorable times. 😊
Canon EOS 7D
Canon 300mm f4L

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